Social Responsibility

In order for us to live in a healthy and beautiful society it is of the utmost importance that companies acknowledge the importance of their role that they have. We have decided to actively implicate ourselves in supporting affirmative actions and which help change mentality to better preserve the environment.

Clever Hands Foundation – The purpose of the foundation is to create an environment for persons with disabilities, where they can get professional help in improving the quality of their lives. By presenting the values of these people the foundation actively contributes in changing the mentality of our society, for people with disabilities should not only be tolerated, but also accepted and integrated into society.

Bonus Pastor Foundation – The foundation comes to aid for people with addictions like drugs, alcohol, gambling and other vices, helping not only them but their families as well. Among the primary programs of the foundation the three main initiatives are Prevention, Therapy and Aftercare.

Philotea KlubPhilotea Klub is an after school youth ministry program, where the foundation wishes to bring answers that arise in the daily lives of youth and children.

Transilvanian Carpatian AssociationAmong the associations’ activities we can list promoting alpine tourism, but also the conservation and protection of the natural wildlife areas while.

Neuropsychiatric Recovery and Rehabilitation Center - Brâncovenești – The center is an institution destined for treating, recovery and rehabilitation of adults with mental disabilities.